TabMenu aka The Ribbon

Today I did have time to work on the TabMenu. The icons constants need to be completed, but with new dialog, I always found a better way to do it, but to do it within gtkdialog is very hard. Not because of code, but lack of it.
gtkdialog problem - There is no established components.

Thats is the point to create gmould. To heighten gtkdialog up to - usable toolkit. Enough ramblings, here the TabMenu aka Ribbon menu. New revamped icons too, lots of icons missing, soon they will be defined in constant.h and headache go away - a bit.

During my research about the ribbon, I found out the best for gtk is like this...
If its only a button - 48 pixel
2 button - 32 pixel
3 button - 16 pixel
4 button - go find a ribbon screenshot showing 4 layer of button and tell me
6 button - 16 pixel, icon only, no text

I'm thinking of building the TabMenu component, but MS Ribbon seems to have lots more of widget instead of only buttons. Maybe later I guess. Icon reorganise is more important. Oh and then theres, the gridview and then the list exchanger and toolbar creator and hbox/vbox creator and...

as I said - No established component.

I DO create better "treeview" component however :). Treeview and Ribbon menu below, also the collapsible panel is seen there

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